About Line Item Veto

Line Item Veto (aka LIV) is a northern Virginia/DC-based cover band that plays a wide range of classic rock, blues, and pop from Heart and Pat Benatar to the Foo Fighters, Smithereens, and Adele. We work our day jobs to pay the bills but play our shows to fuel our passion for music and entertain our fans, families, and friends. Folks who come to our gigs instantly recognize the songs we cover and tell us they love LIV's arrangements of current songs and classics they've heard for years. Come check us out, enjoy the music, and have a hell of a great time.


Eileen Kelly Burkart: Vocals. Performed with numerous international bands and local groups. Original member of No Fixed Address with Sean and Ken. Now with Line Item Veto, combining work, social, and family connections. We work hard so our fans and we can have fun! 

Matthew Diascro: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals. Born and raised in Philly on classic and progressive rock, then expanded into metal, blues, jazz, and crooners. Been playing guitar and singing since I was in short pants--everything from basement cover bands, a cappella and musical theater, to orchestral chorus. 

Damian Hammontree: Bass. From punk to power pop to surf rock and beyond, laying down the low end for Soul PitPlain Angel, and The Swiv-O-Matics, and now for Line Item Veto, the greatest band DC has ever seen!

Rob Hizon:  Mixing Board and Keyboard.  DJ'd parties in college; now mixing tracks with Line Item Veto, my first band.  Really enjoy pitching in on keyboard. A shame my accordion has been vetoed.

Ken Kresse: Drum/Percussion. Reared on US, Canadian, and British rock. Took up drums at 17 and played in rock and blues cover bands ever since, including the bandCariblues, and No Fixed Address, with Eileen and Sean. Musically inspired by Rush (Neil Peart!)Led ZeppelinTriumph, and The Tragically Hip and powered  by Pearl drums and Zildjian cymbals.

Sean McConkey: Lead Guitar. One-time hair band devotee, now (thankfully) steadily maturing into blues-rock. Just as well since the hair thing doesn't work any longer. Can't imagine anything more fun than playing music with Line Item Veto!